What We Do

From Battlegrounds to Playgrounds.

Affordable Housing

Kingdom Partners Housing Development Group is focused on residents of marginalized neighborhoods throughout Chattanooga by providing a holistic approach to community development and neighborhood stabilization.

Charity to Change

Charity To Change is an innovative program to work with churches and church collaboratives to reimagine how congregations can invest in long-term, systemic community change with the skills, knowledge, and tools essential to build closer connections with their local communities, to develop a better understanding of their socio-cultural context, and be responsive to their most pressing needs.

Leadership Council

As community leaders, it’s up to us to determine whether that change is positive or negative—and it’s painfully obvious to us that the only way to positively change our cities is through the power of relationships.


Literacy is a powerful foundation for change in a community. Kingdom Partners is working with schools, non-profits and faith communities to help urban students get the literacy tools they need to excel now and in the future.

Mentoring Collective

Kingdom Partners mission is to provide kingdom transformation with kingdom solutions. Mentoring is a kingdom solution that has always been practiced formally and informally. Kingdom Partners and local community partners aim to create mentoring opportunities for our youth by empowering the church to move into more formal mentoring relationships so that outcomes may be measured and achieved.