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We believe America is at a critical impasse in our history, yet have faith in the power of our Lord Almighty to empower us here in Chattanooga to be an example to our nation on how the church, working with government, business and education can break down the dividing walls which have stifled us too long.

The single best way to make a city better is to have better leaders. And that’s what we do. We develop better leaders. KP meets the challenges facing our city  one leader and organization at a time. We recognize that wide-scale change begins at the individual level. Join us in making city better.

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Note: You may give online through the button below or mail your contribution to Kingdom Partners. Kingdom Partners is officially a 501(c)(3) public charity.

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Kingdom Partners and Grace Pointe Church of Chattanooga

In 2015, I knew that God had called me to Pastor but I had no idea where to start or what to do. In September of that year, I had the opportunity to share my heart with Oliver Richmond and Kingdom Partners about the calling on my life. Without any resources to offer him, he immediately came along side me and for 6 months consulted me on how to lay the foundation for what we now know as Grace Pointe Church of Chattanooga.

After helping us articulate the mission and vision of Grace Pointe, Kingdom Partners began consulting through strategic planning, leadership training, discipleship/outreach strategies, and stewardship.

Kingdom Partners didn’t stop with just helping us accelerate our ministry, they also helped to connect our church with other churches and resources like Calvary Chapel. Through our (Grace Pointe & Calvary C.) partnership, we were able to share both resources and ministry opportunities together that would not have been created without the leadership of (KP).

I thank God for Kingdom Partners! Grace Pointe would not be as strong, and structured as we are now. I’m so excited! I can only imagine where we will be within the next 5 yrs. I would encourage ANY Pastor and or Leader of any organization to give Kingdom Partners a chance to help build, strengthen, and or accelerate what you are already doing.

Pastor Marcellus Barnes Sr. / Grace Pointe Church of Chattanooga