Our Vision

We strive to replace battlegrounds with playgrounds.

Our Mission

To encourage, equip, and empower grassroots leaders to serve Greater Chattanooga families by forming transformational relationships between schools, churches, government and businesses.

Position: Development Director
Cost: $44,500


  • Build capacity of Kingdom Partners through grants and fundraising.
  • Build capacity of non-profit and church partners
  • Allow President more time for relationship building, vision, and implementation

Job Aspects:

  • Seeking out grants and fundraising according to mission values
  • Connecting with mission partners around shared concerns
  • Developing Creation Care as mission focus of Kingdom Partners

Gabe LePage is a recent graduate of Yale Divinity School and Yale School of the Environment, holding a Masters of Divinity and a Masters of Environmental Management. His undergraduate degrees were in International Development Studies and Geography at Calvin College. He has experience in urban forestry programs, urban agriculture and community gardening, and Asset Based Community Development. Trained in systems thinking and participatory organizing techniques, he believes strongly in the ways that community-led greenspaces and gardens build the social fabric of our neighborhoods, reduce isolation, and build trust for addressing larger systemic issues.