SEEKING the PEACE of the CITY / Jeremiah 29:7

A City on a Hill

Aligning Community Around Vision

Bringing Together:


  • Elected Office Holders
  • First Responders
  • Courts
  • Military
  • Infrastructure/Utilities
  • Social Causes
  • Community Groups


  • Financial/Insurance
  • Retailers
  • Manufacturers
  • Transportation
  • Medical/Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Agriculture
  • Services – B2B; B2C
  • Technology

Faith Based

  • Churches
  • Synagogues
  • Ministries/Para-Churches
  • Religious Bodies
  • Seminaries/Higher Ed
  • Community Ministries
  • Hospitals/Health Foundations
  • Charitable Aid Orgs


  • Colleges & Universities
  • Private Schools
  • Public Education
  • For Profit Education

How Kingdom Partners is impacting our communities…

1. Joint Initiatives
Independent efforts to collective impact

2. Racial Reconciliation
Walls that separate people will come down

3. Start Thinking Collectively
Institutions will stop thinking individually

4. Engaging Leaders of Faith and Good Will
We move isolated individuals to collaborative engagement

5. Solving Major Problems
Understand real community needs/form deep relationships

6. Ministries will Attract People
Community will view the churches differently

7. From the Pews to the Neighborhoods
Urban Churches members will move

8. Encourage Institutions of the Chattanooga Metro Area
to serve the most vulnerable popultions

Kingdom Partners Initiatives

Kingdom Partners seeks to be a catalyst to help transform lives and communities in Chattanooga by announcing, demonstrating God’s love for all people, focusing on three core areas:

One Kingdom,
One City

Connecting communities of resource with communities of need while reconciling people to Jesus Christ and to each other.

Pastor & Lay Leadership

Building up community leaders.

Urban Church

From the pews to the neighborhoods (Church Growth).

Upcoming Events

August 2022
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Kingdom Partners and Orchard Park Church

It is difficult for a congregation to minister consistently at a high level without support from outside organizations.  It is even more difficult to identify the right organization to partner with.  That is why I am grateful to Kingdom Partners for their selfless pursuit of ministry regardless of man-made boundaries.  Rather than waiting for churches to seek their services, they seek churches that they can bless from their services.  My congregation was fortunate to be so blessed.  Our experience with KP was exception.  Because of their help with strategic planning, our ministry focus is more clear and our leadership team is more determined to realize God’s vision for our congregation.

Pastor Troy Brand / Orchard Park SDA Church / 951 North Orchard Knob Avenue / Chattanooga, TN 37406

What is a Leadership Foundation?

Leadership Foundations is a global network of Local Leadership Foundations (LLFs), organizations working to transform their cities in which they operate. Every LLF approaches this mission in a unique way according to their abilities and their city’s needs. Leadership Foundations equips each LLF to achieve their purpose more effectively.

Kingdom Partners is a member of the Leadership Foundations (LF) Global Network which impacts 42 cities around the world.