2020 Year in Review

COVID-19, racial injustice, political tension, tornadoes, hurricanes, and wildfires made 2020 an incredibly challenging year for all, economically and socially, limiting and changing our way of life. Many have lost friends and loved ones.

Most vulnerable and marginalized underserved communities were hit hard with the loss of jobs, income, and services. In addition, schools, churches, and community center closings robbed people of services and normal communications they depend on in caring out their everyday lives.

Kingdom Partners sees God’s image in all people. We enter a world of abundance and generosity, where resources are allocated fairly, accountability is broadly shared and hard work is rewarded as we take care of those who are most vulnerable. KP works to achieve this END.

More than 250 Pastors and community leaders have been engaged with KP activities with-in the last 3 years. Our leaders have come together to build long-term relationships and solve major problems in our city.

As the city and country were being shut down with fear and stress at an all-time high, we know of only one thing to do, turn to our God who sits high and looks low. KP started a daily prayer and devotional time led by our Pastors seeking solutions to our community problems. The Pastors met six weeks straight daily for prayers and devotional and community meetings. They developed ideas on how to work together to impact the lives of our people. Listed you will find highlights of 2020 for the KP network.


Encouraging, equipping, and empowering grassroots leaders with tools to transform the lives of people in underserved communities.


Kingdom Partners seeks to be a catalyst to help transform lives and communities in Chattanooga by announcing, demonstrating God’s love for all people, focusing on three core areas:

  1. One Kingdom, One City (Connecting communities of resource with communities of need while reconciling people to Jesus Christ and to each other)
  2. Pastor and Lay Leadership Development
  3. Urban Church Revitalization


KINGDOM COLLABORATION: KP is all about the Kingdom of God in its efforts to be Kingdom-minded working alongside other Kingdom Members whether they are individuals, churches, and/or faith-based organizations to share the Gospel.

COMMUNITY: KP strives to change the world by helping churches build relationships and mutual beneficial partnerships.

EXCELLENCE: KP works with partners, stakeholders, and communities with a spirit of excellence that adds value to schools, government, churches, faith-based and community-based organizations.

INTEGRITY: KP seeks to foster positive change by building trust and being consistent in all its relationships and partnerships.

PARTNERSHIP: KP undertakes intentional strategic partnerships and joint projects between churches to harness and maximize resources in support of sustainable community transformations.

SUSTAINABLE: KP is focused on human transformation that results in sustainable solutions that can be replicated in other communities.

Racial Reconciliation

We believe America is at a critical impasse in our history, yet we have faith in the power of our Lord Almighty to empower us here in Chattanooga to be an example to the nation on how the church, working with government, business and education can break down the dividing walls which have stifled us too long.
Kingdom Partners has been a shining example of how we can engage a multi-cultural, generational, racial, denominational multitude to make a difference that will affect our children, grandchildren for generations to come. Here are some of our activities around racial reconciliation.

  • Pastor Pairing: 28 Senior multi-cultural Pastors and Faith Leaders were paired up for one-on-one (long-term authentic) relationship building.
  • Call to Action: On March 24, 2020 KP network of community leaders started daily prayer, devotional and community meetings that lasted 6 weeks straight. The meetings became a standing weekly gathering for community leaders.(average 25 in attendance)
  • Clergy for Truth, Justice, Love & Healing came together on June10, 2020 at Miller Park to demonstrate their love for one another and our city. (300 in attendance)
  • Town Hall Meeting with Mayor Andy Berke, Chief of Police David Roddy, Public Safety Coordinator Troy Rogers, on June18, 2020. (7,000 plus viewers) Watch Video
  • Dr. Larry Lloyd, President of Memphis Leadership visited our city to share how we can Transform Our City Together on September 10, 2020. Watch Video
  • We started a city-wide multi-cultural women’s prayer meeting that meets on Mondays at 8 pm.
  • We started a city-wide multi-cultural men’s prayer meeting that meets on Tuesdays at 7 pm.
  • Every Thursday at 8:30 am our partnership with Moody Radio highlight Pastors and community leaders good work in the community. (6,500 average viewers)
  • Throughout the year we convened KP network of Pastors and leaders for calls, meetings and training with Governor Lee and The Governor’s Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives.
  • Tools
    1. Loving Your Neighbor Who Doesn’t Look Like You!
    2. Journey Towards Brotherhood/Sisterhood
    3. Discussing Reconciliation as Followers of Christ
    4. Wisdom for your soul, Pete Cooper

Direct support to Kingdom Partners for:  Racial Reconciliation/Unity Training

First Baptist E. 8th Street Church, Grace Pointe Church, Greater Tucker Baptist Church, Journey Church, Leadership Foundations, Orchard Knob Baptist Church, Orchard Park SDA Church, Silverdale Baptist Church, The Generosity Trust, The Maclellan Foundation, Weldon F. Osborne, Whitworth University

Pastor and Lay Leadership Development

How do you transform a city?
Make a commitment to come and do good!

It starts with a leader, (who seek the good and welfare of others). a man or woman with passion, a plan and the ability to bring others along in making it happen. KP partners with people and institutions whose goals are as unique as the communities they serve, but they all have one thing in common – they started with a leader’s dream. It’s our dream to work with people to empower these individuals and organizations, making them better leaders so as we build better cities together.

Kingdom Partners Leadership Development

Training leaders to lead “serious ordered learning” groups in your church.
Help churches build robust leadership team.
Effective discipleship program.

The Timothy Project

Great leaders act as mentors to someone younger, and such was the case with Paul and his “true son in the faith,” Timothy.

Joint Initiatives/
Urban Church Revitalization

Partners and Examples

  • KP along with numerous partners, provided free technology support, Wi-Fi hotspots, tablets, zoom licenses, calling call systems to over 40 churches and organizations.
  • Partnered with City of Chattanooga to help build out communication systems in the most vulnerable neighborhoods.
  • KP Network Churches: Virtual Learning Centers/Family Mentoring
  • We provided over $150,000 in direct and indirect financial assistance to churches and non-profits.
  • KP staff and board completed The Leadership Foundations Board Training Initiative (BTI), an intensive year-long training, Individualized coaching and personalized work plans to increase board engagement and performance.
  • We were honored to have Dr. Larry Lloyd, President of Memphis Leadership Foundation, as our coach and mentor. Dr. Lloyd is considered an urban missiological expert by those around the country.
  • Became member of Leadership Foundations Network, leadershipfoundations.org.
  • Engaged over 105,000 people through zoom meetings, in person meetings, social media, podcasts, and radio.

Direct support to Kingdom Partners for:  Joint Initiatives/Urban Church Revitalization

Community Foundation, The Generosity Trust, Regions Bank, RL & KH Maclellan Foundation, First Baptist Church E 8th Church, Grace Pointe Church, Orchard Park SDA Church, Silverdale Baptist Church, Greater Tucker Baptist Church, Hixson United Methodist Church, Journey Church, Orchard Knob Baptist Church.

Director support to KP partner organizations:

Benwood Foundation, Community Foundation, Enterprise Center, Greenspaces, Hamilton County Department of Education, Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church, Rotary Club, The Church of the Good Shepherd, The Generosity Trust, The Maclellan Foundation, Weldon F. Osborne

Started the following Community Based Committees:

  • Clergy Reconciliation
  • Education Committee
  • Workforce/Jobs
  • Criminal Justice
  • Health & Wellness
  • Housing

Major City-wide Initiatives for 2021:

KP network of Churches, Virtual Learning Centers/Family Mentoring, Racial Reconciliation, Unity Training, Urban Church Revitalization (from the pew to the Neighbors).

We would like to thank all the leaders who have joined this movement.
To God be the Glory, this is not our ministry but God’s.  God can do more than we ask or think of.  Don’t lose heart, God can use us in our brokenness.